Australian Consulate-General
Papeete, French Polynesia

Police Clearances

How to obtain a police and character clearance report from Australia

Under the Australian Privacy Act, the Australian Consulate-General in Papeete cannot obtain confidential information on Australian citizens or residents of Australia from any Australian police force. Only the individuals themselves may obtain this information directly from the relevant state, territory or federal police force.

Australians abroad often need police or character certificates for such purposes as court requirements, residency permits or securing employment. Australian Citizens requiring such certificates should contact the appropriate Australian Federal, State or Territory Police Force.

The type, cost and application forms required for clearance certificates vary from state to state. Any State or Territory in Australia will be able to provide at least one of the following certificates:

  • Certificate issued on the basis of fingerprints;
  • Certificate issued on the basis of a name check; and
  • National Police Clearance Certificate.

Australian Citizens seeking to obtain any form of clearance certificate should be advised that the Australian Federal Police (AFP) in Canberra could issue a National Police Clearance Certificate that covers criminal records in all states and territories, except Queensland. The AFP has advised that this certificate is accepted in all countries, however, you should confirm that the requesting local authority would accept this certificate.

AFP Criminal Records
Locked Bag 8550
Phone: +61 2 6140 6502
Email: Criminal Records ([email protected])  

More information about National Police Checks is available on the website of the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

How to obtain a police and character clearance report in French Polynesia

People seeking to obtain a police clearance (extrait de casier judiciaire) from authorities in French Polynesia should contact the local Court of Appeal (Tribunal de premiere instance). You should confirm that the requesting authority will accept these police clearances.

Further information, including on how to request a police clearance in French Polynesia, refer to the website of the Papeete Court of Appeal (in French) or contact them directly:

Tribunal de première Instance
Service du casier judiciaire
42, avenue Pouvanaa a Oopa (ex avenue Bruat) – BP 101
98 713 PAPEETE
Tel :
Email : [email protected]  
Fax  : (689)
Tel : (689) / (689)

Translation and interpretation services

People needing translation or interpretation support, including for certified translations of documents, should contact registered translators and interpreters in Australia and in French Polynesia as appropriate. Information and contacts for translation and interpretations services are available under useful links at Translation Services.